Welcome to the VCN Lab!


Welcome to the Visual Cognitive Neuroscience Lab at Brock University. The lab is headed by Stephen Emrich, PhD.

Our lab investigates the neural basis of visual short-term memory, attention, and perception by using a combination behavioural techniques, electrophysiology (EEG), and fMRI.

The Brock Visual Cognitive Neuroscience Lab acknowledges the land on which we gather is the traditional territory of the Haudenosaunee and Anishinaabe peoples, many of whom continue to live and work here today.

This territory is covered by the Upper Canada Treaties and is within the land protected by the Dish with One Spoon Wampum Agreement.

Today this gathering place is home to many First Nations, M├ętis and Inuit peoples and acknowledging reminds us that our great standard of living is directly related to the resources and friendship of Indigenous people.