Lab Director:

Stephen M. Emrich, Ph.D
Associate Professor

Ph.D. in Psychology from the University of Toronto

Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Wisconsin – Madison


office: MacKenzie Chown B 336
phone: (905) 688-5550 ext. 6181


For a full list of my publications, see the Publications page or my Google Scholar Profile.

Post-Doctoral Research Assistant:

Christine Salahub, PhD


Christine is a recent graduate of the Psychology PhD program at Brock University. She completed her undergraduate Honours Psychology degree at The University of Winnipeg and her MA at Brock University. In her research, she uses event-related potentials and EEG to examine how individual differences in cognitive control affect what people pay attention to in the face of distraction.

Personal website:
ResearchGate Profile

Graduate Students:


Holly Lockhart

Holly is in her fourth year of her PhD in the Behavioural-Cogntive Neuroscience stream. She completed her Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience and MA in Psychology at Brock University working with Dr. Emrich. Her work focuses on visual short-term memory resource models testing limitations and predictions of opposing theories with the use of behavioural, EEG, and fMRI measures.

Office: Mackenzie Chown B block – 420
ResearchGate Profile

Joel Robitaille

Joel is in his fifth year of his PhD in the Behavioural-Cognitive Neuroscience stream. He completed his MA in Psychology at Brock University and his BSc (Honours) at Bishop’s University. He studies mental imagery using EEG technology.

Office: Mackenzie Chown B block – 420
ResearchGate Profile

Rosa Torres

Rosa is a graduate student under joint supervision of Professor Stephen Emrich and Professor Karen Campbell. She completed her undergraduate degree in Biology for Health Sciences and Psychology at U of T.  She is quite interested in studying the age-related changes in the efficiency of memory and attention, and how these changes may be reflected in neural mechanisms. Through her research, she hopes to get a better understanding of healthy aging and potential interventions to increase the efficiency of cognitive processes, especially in old age.


Undergraduate Students:

Current Research Assistants:
Erin Bannister
Mallory Duprey
Leah Hughes
Angelena Macdonald
Arya Mendonca

Joey Capozza: Master of Arts – Counseling Psychology at Western University
Alexandria DiCosmio
Brenda DeWit
Koah Ing
Meghan Mair
Maryam Mogawer
Bill McVey
Megan Morningstar
Thomas Nelson: Lead data scientist at
Jon Pankow
Daniel Schutten
Nick Seelert: Co-founder & CTO at
Rachel Vonk: Master of Arts – Cognitive Neuroscience at Wilfrid Laurier University
Aaron Zwiep: Technical manager at Sanofi Pasteur Pharmaceuticals

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